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Miquel McDonald

Marketing Associate

Miquel McDonald is an experienced and knowledgeable Agile project manager. He has mastered the agile methodology, utilizing his expertise in leading projects to successful completion. Miquel customizes efficient processes and iterative approaches to achieve success for each of his clients. His deep experience in developing a wide range of strategies that accurately align with the customer’s goals helps him ensure safe and timely delivery of projects within budget. Contact us today to find out how Miquel’s unique Agile project management skills can help you reach your targets.

Mychal McDonald is a tech expert with years of industry experience. He brings enthusiasm, artistic insight, and a keen technical acumen to every project he takes on. Mychal has consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, helping them solve complex technology problems. His specialty lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions that address the needs of his clients. With a deep understanding of computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data engineering, and much more, Mychal provides creative insights that inform product development and enhance business operations. Whether it's developing new software or training users on existing products, he's passionate about promoting innovation and empowering others through technology.


Miquel McDonald
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